Our mission is to spread the services of the Trust to as many women in the rural areas as possible. Our efforts so far are like a drop in the ocean but we have with the mercy of Allah (SWT) and the generosity of those who share the same vision been successful in providing education to up to 400 children and women at any given time in our two centers. The trust has also.
  • distributed 100s of sewing machines to needy women.
  • built water pumps in destitute areas.
  • arbitrarily helps people who approach the Trust seeking help with their medical treatments, getting their daughter married off etc.

We hope and wish to continue with this.


Sakhawat Trust’s vision encapsulates its motto “Striving to Educate” and reflects Prophet’s (pbuh) Hadith, “it is incumbent upon every Muslim to obtain education”.
What sets Sakhawat Trust apart from any other charitable project is that it primarily focuses on the women and young girls in the rural areas of Pakistan , where the literacy level is equal to zero among women.

The rural areas of Pakistan are predominantly based on agriculture and these women are extremely hardworking who start to help their fathers, brothers and sons in the fields at a very young age, and once they are married this tradition carries on with their husbands. The sad reality is that these women are not provided even the basics of Deen or Islamic education in terms of how to perform salat, recite the Holy Qur’an and how to carry on with other basic essentials of Islam let alone be given the opportunity to obtain contemporary education. Against this backdrop and sad reality , the sakhawat Trust was set up to at least to equip these women and young girls with the basic knowledge of Islam , give them the taste of how beautiful their religion is and in turn give them a sense of importance, a sense of self respect and empowerment.



Our projects besides education include provision of training in life time skills to these women such as , tailoring, embroidery, writing and communication skills – these skills help to boost their confidence and enable them to go out in the wider world to face the reality and earn their own income with dignity and pride. These skill building exercises reflect our vision which is

that we do not believe in hand outs but in bringing the best out of these women by focusing on their potentialities and strengths.


The Trust is planning to buy a building in Gujranwala in the area of Khiyali where the population is predominantly refugees without any proper schooling or centers from the government or NGOs to help them. The projected cost of buying the property is £40,000 onward inclusive of setting it up operationally with all the facilities.