Running a school

400 children and women are getting an education in our school.

Build a mosque

 We built a mosque in Okara Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Clean Water Project

 Sakhawat trust has supplied clean water pumps in many villages and continues to install new water pumps.

First solar panel water

Built in Dera Ismael Khan village Mah’ra

“Empowering Communities: Sakhawat Trust Installs First Solar Panel Water System in Dera Ismael Khan’s Mah’ra Village

In a transformative initiative aimed at providing sustainable solutions to rural communities, the non-profit organization Sakhawat Trust has successfully implemented the installation of the first solar panel water system in Mah’ra village, located in Dera Ismael Khan.

Recognizing the critical need for reliable access to clean water, particularly in remote regions where infrastructure is lacking, Sakhawat Trust took the initiative to address this pressing issue. The organization’s commitment to improving the lives of underserved populations drove the implementation of this innovative project.

The solar panel water system installed by Sakhawat Trust harnesses renewable energy to power a water pump, providing the village with a consistent and dependable water supply. This groundbreaking solution not only ensures access to clean water for drinking and sanitation but also reduces the community’s reliance on traditional, often unreliable, methods of water procurement.