Sakhawat Trust’s vision encapsulates its motto “Striving to Educate” and reflects Prophet’s (PBUH) Hadith, “it is incumbent upon every Muslim to obtain education”.

Our History

The Trust was established in 2006 by the Bilal family, young female professionals and entrepreneurs. During their summer holidays in Pakistan, they witnessed the hard-working lives of rural women, working in the fields all day, without any help or support available to educate them in their villages. The Trust built a school in one of these villages, where it continues to nourish and develop many young and old students. The school is successfully running and  accommodating more than 400 students.

About Us

Established since 2006, Sakhawat Trust’s primary objective is to educate as many children as possible. Poverty, child labour and lack of resources leave many children without appropriate schooling. Currently, the Trust is supporting approximately 400 children, including women. They are taught not only the essentials of Islamic education but are given the chance to learn contemporary language and life time skills; such as, sewing, speech, writing and communication skills to build their confidence. Many girls after acquiring such skills are earning their own income to support their families with pride and dignity.

Striving to Educate

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